Power Your Player

Kevin Zavalaga
Advertising and Digital Design

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Power Your Player
Contributor Names
Zavalaga, Kevin (Creator, Designer)
Massa, Joe (Thesis advisor)
Summary/Artist's Statement
Yves Saint Laurent seem to have no diversity in their models when it comes to disabilities. The "Honestly Beautiful" campaign shows that those who identify with having a disability can be beautiful too. Connect4Climate brings people together to spread the word about the climate crisis but people are still not realizing the importance of recycling."Power Your Player" is an international campaign that hopes to improve the recycling habits of our audience by creating a friendly competition between fans and their favorite teams during the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Polestar's mission is to be as honest and progressive as possible. They believe technology and knowledge is the key to a greener future."Transparency We Trust" is a campaign that shows how brutally honest Polestar is.
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Computer animation
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Program/Degree: Advertising and Digital Design BFA
Course: AD 498 Senior Project
Academic semester: Spring 2021
Professor: Massa, Joe
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