"Be a Neighbor" by AIRBNB

Emily Galvelis
Advertising and Digital Design

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"Be a Neighbor" by AIRBNB
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Galvelis, Emily (Creator, Designer)
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Urban neighborhoods are increasingly experiencing gentrification, which causes families to be displaced, businesses to go under, and a community's identity to be completely lost. So how can people who visit these neighborhoods enrich their culture and help to protect it? Introducing "Be a Neighbor" by Airbnb. We asked hosts to recommend their favorite local restaurants and shops so that visitors can appreciate and support the area. Visitors can check-in to "neighbor recommended" spots during their stay, add digital stamps to their passport, and bookmark their trip. With every stamp you collect, your host is gifted a credit to their favorite local spot as a thank you! Everyone can be a part of the solution by experiencing how amazing it is to be a neighbor. Campaign Goal: Convince travelers to appreciate the communities they visit by telling them to be a neighbor.
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Digital art (visual works)
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Course: AD 498 Senior Project
Academic semester: Spring 2020
Program semester: Semester 8
Program/Degree: Advertising and Digital Design BFA
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