Sweet Tooth

Mengyao (Marie) Lin
Fashion Design (School of Graduate Studies)

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Sweet Tooth
Contributor Names
Lin, Mengyao (Marie) (Creator, Designer, Director)
Zhang, Shawn (Cinematographer)
Chung, Jacob (Assistant camera, Gaffer)
Furman, Julie (Model)
Kitano, Naoko (Make up and hair artist)
Lei, Wenwen (Assistant)
Long, Deanna (Assistant)
2022 Fashion Design MFA graduate thesis collection created by Mengyao (Marie) Lin. Presented on June 8, 2022 at 'Unbound: Fashion Design MFA Showcase.'
M.F.A. Fashion Institute of Technology, State University of New York 2022.
Department: Fashion Design.
Artist's Statement
This collection is inspired by desserts and sweets. I wanted to find a theme that I enjoyed and that would make people feel joyful. The things around us often impact our emotions. In a depressing and stressful time, dessert is the food that brings happiness and delight to people. My color palette is inspired by the color combinations of candy wrappers and desserts. I use pastel and bright colors and uncommon materials like PVC to make beautiful and unique handcrafted designs. I hope the bright colors and surprising textures make people feel positive and upbeat in disappointing times.
Mengyao Lin was raised in Shenzhen, China. She brings eclectic colors, surprising and one-of-a-kind textures, and a three-dimensional sculptural style to her designs. Mengyao brings her lively and cheerfully positive perspective to her creative universe. Among her passions, color selection and combining stand out as strengths. Prior to earning her Fashion Design MFA at Fashion Institute of Technology, Mengyao worked in design roles in ready-to-wear, swimwear, knitwear and accessories in New York, London, and Shenzhen. While working for a brand, her designs were selected to be shown on the runway during New York Fashion Week.
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