Bethany Plymale
Fashion Design (School of Graduate Studies)

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Contributor Names
Plymale, Bethany (Creator, Designer, Director)
Floyd, Sen (Cinematographer, Editor)
Ellis, Adam (Sound designer)
Ortega, Karina (Model)
Plymale, Angela (Model)
Lim, Youngjun (Assistant)
2022 Fashion Design MFA graduate thesis collection created by Bethany Plymale. Presented on June 8, 2022 at 'Unbound: Fashion Design MFA Showcase.'
M.F.A. Fashion Institute of Technology, State University of New York 2022.
Department: Fashion Design.
Artist's Statement
"Reflection" is the study of mother-daughter generations, the dynamic relationship between mother and daughter and how it affects fashion. From a young age my mother projected her tainted idea of beauty and insecurities onto my sister and me, in an effort to protect us from the patriarchy lies of what women should be. Inevitably my sister and I felt subjected to the male gaze, sexualized, and developed unrealistic expectations of daily dressing. Through my thesis, I dissect my mother, our relationship, and the insecurities of dress and body that were formed – breaking the cycle of generational shame with me.
Bethany Plymale designs body and age-inclusive New York streetwear with black as the predominant color in all collections. Raised in the traditional South, Bethany's mother has been instrumental in her development into womanhood and how perceptions of fashion, beauty, and dress came to be. Her designs deconstruct the construction of women in domestic society and norms of beauty imposed onto women at a young age – showing curiosity about the relationship of body, form and cultural norms.
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