Thesis Collection: Oceanside

Colette Laporta
Fashion Design (School of Art and Design)

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Thesis Collection: Oceanside
Contributor Names
Laporta, Colette (Creator, Designer)
Scott, Tom (Thesis advisor)
Summary/Artist's Statement
Image 1: The “Oceanside” collection is inspired by growing up on the Jersey Shore. This look evokes the natural formations of the ocean, and combines sporty unisex elements with feminine details.
Image 2: The jacket is inspired by oversized menswear shapes, with a custom designed placement print on a cotton/linen.
Image 3: Under the jacket is a terry knit dress with a tie on the side seam that’s adjustable for desired length
Image 4: The look is comfortable, effortless style.
Image 5: The skirt is made with 14 yards of hand-dyed tulle and organza and has a snap wrap closure.
Image 6: The single-breasted blazer is finished with raw edge flat fell seams that are left exposed and sanded to give a distressed element to the jacket.
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Course/Degree Information
Program/Degree: Fashion Design BFA
Specialization: Sportswear
Professor: Tom Scott
Academic semester: Spring 2021
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