Thesis Collection: Hidden Truth

Rebecca Kreamer
Fashion Design (School of Art and Design)

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Thesis Collection: Hidden Truth
Contributor Names
Kreamer, Rebecca (Creator, Designer)
Scott, Tom (Thesis advisor)
Summary/Artist's Statement
I wanted to touch the clouds when I was younger. I had that feeling when I started my fashion odyssey–the feeling of making clothes induced adrenaline in my veins and a happiness that I could not contain. My upbringing had a lot to do with the things I make now; I had to grow up quickly and didn't have much time to enjoy my childhood. Because of this, my design aesthetic tends to be more childlike, weaving explosions of bright colors and big embellishments into each bold design. Feeling like an outsider made me want to make clothes for all types of people, especially the underdog. I chose sportswear because it is not just for one type of person, it's for people like me, just as much as it is for anyone else. The inclusivity of sportswear made me feel at home, just like touching the clouds.
Image 1: The "Hidden Truth" collection explores the idea of hiding inside oversized garments and gaining confidence through wearing clothes that distract from the person underneath. By playing with color and fabrication in innovative and whimsical ways, I touched on this while further experimenting with a love of quilting.
Image 2: Oversize buttons and bright colors with doll-like proportions.
Image 3: Jumping mad for fun and games.
Image 4: Skating around town with my suitcase in hand.
Image 5: Incognito and on the run.
Image 6: Power nap after a long day.
Still Image
Course/Degree Information
Program/Degree: Fashion Design BFA
Specialization: Sportswear
Professor: Tom Scott
Academic semester: Spring 2021
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