Thesis Collection: Eight

Briana Goewert
Fashion Design (School of Art and Design)

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Thesis Collection: Eight
Contributor Names
Goewert, Briana (Creator, Designer)
Scott, Tom (Thesis advisor)
Summary/Artist's Statement
I am designing to be a part of the change in the fashion industry. The overconsumption of fast fashion is exhausting brands, consumers, and the environment. My goal is to push the boundaries of slow fashion by seamlessly combining timeless simplicity with complexity. My focus is multifunctional sustainable pieces, that can be worn not only forever, but for many purposes.
Image 1: My collection “Eight” is a solution to overconsumption and fast fashion. It fulfills the need for staple pieces, without sacrificing fashion’s ability to excite. Each piece starts as a basic garment and is transformed into a statement look or accessory. All fabric and manufacturing in the collection are sustainable.
Image 2: Oversized shawl collar coat with removable collar, made from eco-friendly bio-fleece
Image 3: Large oversized scarf
Image 4: Pant on reverse side, adjustable hemline
Image 5: Scarf transforms into sweater, adjustable length
Image 6: Long cardigan, with collar removed
Still Image
Course/Degree Information
Program/Degree: Fashion Design BFA
Specialization: Sportswear
Professor: Tom Scott
Academic semester: Spring 2021
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