Thesis Collection

Tsz Tung Yeung
Fashion Design (School of Art and Design)

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Thesis Collection
Contributor Names
Yeung, Tsz Tung (Creator, Designer)
Lindenthal, Philippa (Thesis advisor)
Summary/Artist's Statement
Image 1: Fragile top connected with drawstrings at the back, with a piece of jade. It reveals how society treats women unfairly; wanting them to look pretty and full of fantasy.
Image 2: Two-piece look with a drawstring top, inspired by traditional Chinese female underwear. The twisted pattern pant with "evil snakes" is inspired by the movie Green Snake.
Image 3: Top made with three fabrics: grey/blue with drawstring underwear, floral print with women's sex symbol, green sheer tie-dyed fabric with snakeskin.
Image 4: The look is inspired by the shape of a snake and the skin it sheds before being transformed into a human in the movie Green Snake.
Image 5: Side view of asymmetrical pant and drawstring top.
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Course/Degree Information
Program/Degree: Fashion Design BFA
Specialization: Sportswear
Professor: Philippa Lindenthal
Academic semester: Spring 2021
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FIT Repository ID: fof_2021_0173


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