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FIT Soul Fashion Show 1982, Dress Rehearsal

Contributor Names

Pinnock, Kevin
Hobson, Sherri
Branch, Gail
Cutting, Steven A., 1961-
Faison, Linda
Wadley, Shanault
Martin, Keith
Young, Alexander
Michael, Leland
Branch, Clara
Fashion Institute of Technology (New York, N.Y.). Soul Club
Evans, Brenda
Davis, Ines
Chatman, Michelle
Chew, Ron
Jones, Adrienne
Coleman, Shyvonne
Lewis, Gerri
Williams, Lynette
Parker, Sharon
Curinton, Karen
Beasley, Terry
McEthannon, Sharon
Singley, David
Berry, John
Williams, Larry
McKenzie, Cheryl
Allen, Bill
Williams, Cheryl
Postles, Valerie
Campbell, Neil



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Dress Rehearsal of The FIT Soul Club's presentation of the 12th annual Soul Fashion Show: "12 Years of Sophistication."
Part 1: Featuring work by student designers Brenda Evans, Adrienne Jones, Gerri Lewis, Ines Davis, Kevin Pinnock, Michelle Chatman, Terry Beasley, Sharon McEthannon, David Singley, John Berry, Larry Williams, Lynette Williams, Shyvonne Coleman, Cheryl McKenzie, Bill Allen, Cheryl Williams, Valerie Postles, Neil Campbell, Ron Chew, Sharon Parker, Karen Curinton.
Part 2: Featuring work by student designers Kevin Pinnock, Sherrie Hobson, Gail Branch, Steve Cutting, Linda Fasion, Shanault Wadley, Keith Martin, Alexander Young.
Director and advisor: Clara Branch.
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Fashion Institute of Technology (New York, N.Y.). Soul Club
African American fashion designers
Fashion designers
Fashion design
Fashion shows
African American college students
College students
Nineteen eighties


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FIT Repository ID: aod_000601


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