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Wabi Sabi
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Grewal, Harnoor (Creator, Designer)
Travis, Jack, 1952- (Thesis advisor)
Clawson, Marvin (Thesis advisor)
As an interior designer, my mission is to craft spaces that not only reflect the unique personalities and life stories of my clients but also enhance their daily lives with beauty, functionality, and vibrancy. I believe that our living spaces should be a true reflection of who we are, filled with the colors, textures, and elements that resonate with our individual tastes and preferences. Through careful listening and collaboration, I strive to create environments that tell a story, weaving together the threads of my clients' experiences, passions, and aspirations.
About This Project:
Inspired by Japanese design and its minimalist, elegant, zen approach, these objects are made of materials found in nature. Keeping in mind the concept of
Wabi Sabi, the idea of imperfection and less is more.
Interior Design Genre: Furniture Design
Still Image
AutoCAD, SketchUP, Photoshop, Enscape
Medium (Terms)
Adobe Photoshop
Graphics software
Program/Course Information
Course: Study Abroad (ID 324 History, Theory and Criticism III); Spring 2023
Professors: Jack Travis and Marvin Clawson
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