Life on Earth

Jeffrey Stevens Zambrano
Illustration (School of Art and Design)

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Life on Earth
Contributor Names
Zambrano, Jeffrey Stevens (Creator, Illustrator)
Tabbutt, Steven (Thesis advisor)
Summary/Artist's Statement
Through acrylics and dry brush techniques on stretched canvas, I aim to preserve and renew the wonder of the prehistoric era. There is so little that we know about how life flourished on this planet millions of years ago, and I believe there is still so much beauty that can still be shown or brought to life with our imaginations and a paint brush. Through my piece I want to show the timeline of life on earth, from its very humble beginnings as tiny aquatic creatures, to dinosaurs that could tower over buildings, and finally to the age of great mammals and the creation of mankind. My mission is to prove that Prehistoric media is still relevant today and can be consumed and appreciated by all ages. I've always loved the grandeur of these animals that have been long extinct, and I knew that as a child and know now as an adult, that there was always something amazing to create from those old bones. I want to show people what I see when I look at those fossils, and give prehistory the respect I believe it deserves in the art world.
Illustration Genre: Abstract, Books, Children's books, Concept design, Documentary, Editorials, Landscape, Narrative art, Science fiction
Still Image
Paintings (visual works)
Abstract (general art genre)
Children's books
Concept art (initial studies)
Documentary (general concept)
Landscapes (representations)
Narrative art
Science fiction
Acrylic paint, canvas, gesso, Adobe Photoshop
Medium (Terms)
Acrylic paint
Canvas (textile material)
Graphics software
Adobe Photoshop
Course/Degree Information
Course: IL 493 Illustration Portfolio Thesis (Spring 2024, Semester 8)
Professor: Steven Tabbutt
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