Self portrait of Shi

Shiyi Yu
Illustration (School of Art and Design)

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Self portrait of Shi
Contributor Names
Yu, Shiyi (Creator, Illustrator)
Mak, Kam (Thesis advisor)
Summary/Artist's Statement
Original illustration of Shi. Done using paint and ink.
Genre: Fashion design, Figurative art, Portrait
Artist statement:
Born and raised in Ningbo, my hometown in Southern China. It is a place where modern architecture and wild exotic animals can be seen all together. As a child, I often had the opportunity to analyze all kinds of species of living creatures. I was always curious and often imagined what the world could be. Growing up in such environments built my passion, love and respect for the land around me.
Eventually after I moved to America, my art is still strongly influenced by the Wondrous culture I grew up in. I want my artwork to capture nature's phenomenal elegance, beauty, its unique flow of energy and its cycle of life and death.
In my illustrations, I combine imagination with reality to create many fantastical worlds. One example of my work that displays my distinct take on semi-realism is "Fledged." "Fledged" is one of my many watercolor pieces that is extremely detailed, yet is stylized and emboldened by my own imagination. I spend hundreds of hours revising my ideas until my artwork captures original inspirations in my head.
My favorite mediums to use are watercolor and digital media. Many of my artworks are entirely done using watercolor and some are a combination of watercolor and digital media. Adding my digital rendering skills, it allows me to enhance my traditional media to a new level where I can add more depth and vibrant colors while still keeping the original textures of watercolor.
Still Image
Drawings (visual works)
Fashion design
Figurative art
Acrylic paint, ball-point pen, ink, oil paint
Medium (Terms)
Acrylic paint
Ball-point pens
Oil paint (paint)
Course/Degree Information
Course: IL 484 Advanced Color Rendering I (Spring 2023, Semester 7)
Professor: Kam Mak
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