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Ye, Anzhi (Creator, Illustrator)
Velasquez, Eric (Thesis advisor)
Summary/Artist's Statement
In the heart of California lies a small town, home to an old lady known only as Ms. Orange. The sole caretaker of an orange orchard, her real name is forgotten by all. Surrounded by the orchard she grew up in, Ms. Orange lived a quiet life, her days marked by the rhythmic work of tending her trees, from the hopeful sprouts of her youth to the deep folds of her old age.
Years ago, her family journeyed across the sea to fulfill their American dream in this secluded town, planting roots as enduring as the trees themselves. Time passed, her parents aged, and the orchard became her world.
Ms. Orange's life, rich in fruits but barren in companionship, was one of profound solitude. Then, one afternoon, beneath the whispering leaves, she fell into a deep, transformative dream. In it, she became a magical girl, reclaiming the imagination and courage she'd lost, battling the loneliness that plagued her, and seeking the freedom that lay at the end of her dream.
Illustration Genre: Books, Children's books, Character design, Conceptual (Conceptual art), Fantasy, Narrative art
Still Image
Computer drawings
Drawings (visual works)
Comics (documents)
Children's books
Concept art (initial studies)
Conceptual art (general art genre)
Fantasies (visual works)
Narrative art
Ink, paper, pens, pencils, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign
Medium (Terms)
Paper (fiber product)
Pens (drawing and writing implements)
Pencils (drawing and writing equipment)
Graphics software
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe InDesign (Electronic resource)
Course/Degree Information
Course: IL 377 Book Illustration (Fall 2022, Semester 5)
Professor: Eric Velasquez
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