The Evolution of Ukiyo-e Art

Yu Fu
Illustration (School of Graduate Studies)

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The Evolution of Ukiyo-e Art
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Fu, Yu (Author)
Reitschel, Barbara (Thesis advisor)
Fashion Institute of Technology, State University of New York. Illustration (Degree granting institution)
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M.A. Fashion Institute of Technology, State University of New York 2023
Department: Illustration
Advisor: Barbara Reitschel
Committee member: Brendan Leach
Ukiyo-e Art is a form of illustration of Japanese traditional printmaking using woodblock prints. In its early period, the Edo Period (circa pre-1670s), traditional paintings were displayed through brush, ink and watercolor including Ukiyo-e Art. During the 1670s, painters added textures, pigments and screen prints exploring changes and artistic innovations.
The Edo Period's founder, Hishikawa Moronofu (1618-1694), changed the prevailing subject matter to include female beauty and eroti-cism. Okumura Masanobu (1686-1764), became a master of the Urushi-e style which further expanded on Moronofu's work, which are similar but expand more about female beauty and eroticism. The period became known for these and several other artists like RloN Wang, Haruka Makita and Shilanglo.
The initial development in 1670s, to a period of great prosperity (1700s-1800s), developed the style further and it was included as the national art form. The saturation of multiple paintings aided the decline beginning in the late 1800s.
The art form remains important because the paintings their techniques and styles are impressive in the art world universally. As time passed, the of Ukiyo-e has declined, but the influence of the style of painting has spread all over the world. painters have received the influence of Ukiyo-e, adding various ukiyo-e elements, and the painting combined the tradition and innovation.
This paper will discuss why Ukiyo-e Art continues and should be passed down in various forms of art and inspirited in the art world.
Illustration of books--Japanese influences
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