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The Unseen Pain
Contributor Names
Sangster, Lilia (Creator, Designer)
Vella, Vincenzo (Thesis advisor)
Summary/Artist's Statement
"The unseen pain" is dedicated to offering a perspective on what verbal and emotional abuse looks like. My thesis highlights how verbal and emotional abuse is often overlooked and excused as being less severe when compared to other forms of abuse. Through my research, I discovered how many victims of verbal abuse are unaware that what they're experiencing is abuse, due to things like manipulation and our society's inability to validate something they cannot see. Through my personal experience with this topic, I wanted to create something that spoke for people who feel unheard and undervalued. "The unseen pain" offers a look at the true definition of verbal abuse while giving real-life context in an attempt to paint a clear picture for the reader. "The unseen pain" sets out to provide a supportive and authentic approach to storytelling through a cohesive blend of photography and typography.
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Course/Degree Information
Program/Degree: Graphic Design BFA
Academic semester: Spring 2021
Program semester: Semester 8
Professor: Vella, Vincenzo
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