Visual Thesis Selections 2020-2021

Illustration (School of Graduate Studies)

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Visual Thesis Selections 2020-2021
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Leach, Brendan (Thesis advisor)
2022 (exhibition date)
2020-2021 (creation date)
This exhibition includes highlights from the FIT MFA Illustration classes of 2020 and 2021.
Each year the graduating MA candidates complete a visual thesis project that represents the culmination of their three years of graduate study, artistic growth, and professional training. The Class of 2020 titled their show "Jacaranda" after a species of tree they encountered on the program's trip to Los Angeles, a formative experience for the group. "Off the Grid" is not only an oblique reference to the two and a half semesters the Class of 2021 spent learning remotely, but also an invocation of their eclectic artistic voices. The quality of this work is a testament to the artistic visions, personal dedication to craft, and to the strength of the bonds these cohorts built. The FIT Alumni participating in this exhibition finished their degrees online during the extreme circumstances and unprecedented conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic. At the conclusion of their studies, they were unable to exhibit their bodies of work in person or celebrate their accomplishments with their fellow students, friends, families, and professional peers. We are proud to finally present their work to the public and to recognize their achievement together.
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Program/Degree: Illustration MFA

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