Illustration MFA Visual Thesis Exhibition 2023: Pareidolia

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Illustration MFA Visual Thesis Exhibition 2023: Pareidolia
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Leach, Brendan (Thesis advisor)
The 2023 MFA Illustration candidates collectively titled this exhibition Pareidolia, the tendency to perceive a specific, often meaningful image in a random or ambiguous visual pattern. This choice reflects their shared pursuit of finding and articulating meaning in their visual artwork. The images in this gallery, however, are far from random or ambiguous. These bodies of work are the final result of a year-long thesis process of research, creative ideation, and technical execution. It is the culmination of three years of artistic exploration and personal growth during graduate study.
The 15 MFA Illustration candidates represented here are unified in a dedication to their craft and to their emerging professional illustration careers. This exhibition as a whole is a reflection of this diverse group of individual visual storytellers and their artistics pursuits. Each of them are asking us through these images to perceive meaning in this world through their eyes.
This exhibition is curated by faculty members Dennis Dittrich and Anelle Miller.
Class of 2023:
Stephanie Browne
Madeline Courtney
Yi Fu
Naodan Hu
Katherine Kalupson
Haozhe Li
Jiaxin Liu
Maria De Los Angeles Lopez
Laura Marciniak
Yi Kei Miu
Samantha Struzzieri
Jane Toole
Chuyin Wang
Sixian Wang
Meina Zhang
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Program/Degree: Illustration MFA
Academic Semester: Spring 2023
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