Strega Nona Kitchen Collection

Giovanna Ricci
Textile/Surface Design

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Strega Nona Kitchen Collection
Contributor Names
Ricci, Giovanna (Creator, Designer)
Kleinman, Nomi (Instructor)
I intended these samples to be applied to the decorative kitchen market, not only because this collection is built upon a pasta theme. The low EPI count for these weave samples allowed for a more open structure to the weave. I noticed that this firmer, open knit was common in placemats and table runners (Stripe #2). I expanded this further to potholders because some of my designs were thicker in texture, and would be less suitable for balancing a plate and better suited for a barrier between surfaces (Stripe #1). I also thought these designs could be applied to kitchen towels. Many that I researched were woven with compact designs of stripe or allover textures (Allover #1, Allover #2). I also noticed that in reference to tableware, the majority of placemats and table runners were either cotton or linen, while dishcloths and potholders were usually cotton. I tried my best to maintain cotton as the majority content of my yarns (though some wool was used for color necessity). In general, many of the decorative kitchen designs were smaller and compact, and had a sturdier, less stretchy quality to them, which is what I strove towards while assembling my collection.
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Polyester and cotten blend yarn
Medium (Terms)
Polyester (fiber)
Program/Course Information
Program/Degree: Textile/Surface Design AAS
Course: TD 138 Introduction to Woven Design
Academic Semester: Fall 2023
Professor: Nomi Kleinman
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