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Le Jardin
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Notartomaso, Isabella (Creator, Designer)
Kleinman, Nomi (Instructor)
Impressionism is a movement in which artists emphasized the naturalistic rendering of light and color to convey the feel of a scene while using visibly thin and softer brush strokes; with landscapes being the subject of most paintings. Water Lilies is a series, whom Claude Monet, a French Impressionist, dedicated the last 30 years of his life to. The series is depicted of Monet’s garden in Giverny in which he was challenged to capture the altering appearance of reflection, light, and color at every moment. Monet’s technique consisted of loose and fluid brush strokes, causing the colors to blend optically; creating the illusion of movement. He used color to capture the essence of his subject, rather than the actual colors of the objects depicted. In this series, he focused mainly on cool tones like blues, and greens to give off a soothing and relaxing mood, as he felt when he was in his garden.
Water lilies is one of the first paintings I was exposed to as a young artist when I went to my first art class. I felt it would be a nice tribute to remember where my love for art grew from. In just one painting, there is an endless amount of color and texture to experiment with. In my opinion, the most attention-grabbing element of the painting is this movement that makes eyes constantly circle the canvas caused by Monet’s fluid brush stroke technique. To capture this look, I have experimented with a space dye yarn and applied it to every woven design in my collection. The notable motifs in the painting that I have incorporated into my woven designs include the water lilies, the japanese bridge, and the yellow irises. The basket weave variation throughout the collection creates a vertical stripe element to capture the essence of the bridge and the upwards brush strokes within the water. Another intriguing element of the painting is the color. The series contains over 250 paintings that were done through different times of day, therefore, each painting has a different color palette. I choose to stick with the painting: Bridge Over a Pond of Waterlilies. The proportion of color in the collection aligns with the painting as green is the dominant color with touches of blue, white, and yellow. With Monet’s inspiration deriving from nature, there is opportunity to source sustainable materials so I designed with a naturally dyed upcycled yarn.
My collection was designed for residential upholstery, specifically for decorative details such as pillows and curtains. Decorative accessories are used for visual appeal and have low wear and don’t require highly durable fabric. The quality of my collection has lower durability because of the longer floats and lifted texture that could cause snagging. Decorative pillows and curtains in the home have a rough exterior due to the thickness of yarns and lower epi, which aligns with my woven designs. The overall scale of my collection is on the smaller side, which is more ideal for decorative pillows because they have a small surface area.
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Program/Degree: Textile/Surface Design AAS
Course: TD 138 Introduction to Woven Design
Academic Semester: Fall 2023
Professor: Nomi Kleinman
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