Fashion Design Senior Thesis Exhibition 2013

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Fashion Design Senior Thesis Exhibition 2013
Award winners:
Eleonore Loow (Specialization: Special Occasion): Cotton organdy evening dress with hand embroidered cotton bias strips.
Trung Vu (Specialization: Special Occasion): Strapless organza lamé gown.
Marines Padilla (Specialization: Knitwear): White stretch cotton cable dress.
Thiana Cruz (Specialization: Children's Wear): Tweed metallic leather cape with black pleather skinny pant and knit top.
Sijeo Kim (Specialization: Knitwear): Jacquard dress with sculptural shoulder detail.
Carly Rosenbrook (Specialization: Sportswear): White denim top and pvc leather/denim skirt.
Miquel Pena (Specialization: Sportswear): Leather and waxed cotton jacket with print combo pant and jacquard top.
Jae Lee (Specialization: Sportswear): Wool flannel suit with suede tank and PVC orange accents.
Display Location: Goodman Center, Lobby
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Program/Course Information
Program/Degree: Fashion Design BFA
Courses: FD 491 Senior Collection: Children's Wear; FF 492 E-Portfolio; FD 495 Senior Collection: Special Occasion; FD 496 Senior Collection: Sportswear/Active Wear; FD 497 Senior Collection: Knitwear
Academic Semester: Spring 2013
Program Semester: Semester 8
Professors: Rebecca Velez San-Andres ; Michael Seiz; Barbara Seggio; Asta Skocir; Tamara Lomman; Jerry Dellova; Marlene Middlemiss
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