Accessories Design Senior Exhibition 2014

Footwear and Accessories Design

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Accessories Design Senior Exhibition 2014
Contributor Names
Ulan, David (Thesis advisor)
Parker, Shelley (Thesis advisor)
Penha, Claudionei (Thesis advisor)
Mole, Elizabeth (Thesis advisor)
Anna Hammam - Handbags, footwear, hats, belt
Brenda Saka - Lambskin handbags
Brielle McCormick - Hand-beaded backpack and hat
Catalina Amor - Pleated lambskin handbag
Danielle Grochowicz - Nubuck handbags
Don Tu - Cowhide handbag
Dwinisa Widjaja - Handbags and footwear
Erdem Altunoglu - Footwear and belt, Hand crafted textural techniques in leather
Helena Chraime - Handbags
Liz Fowler - Hand-beaded handbag
Megan Stanton - Handbags and footwear
Murphy Theil - Handbag and small leather goods with natual vegetable-tanned cowhide and black metal hardware
Palwasha Iqbal - Handbags
Rayna Hovanec - Headwear and necklace
Seung Ah Park - Tie-dyed leather handbags and suspenders
Sharona Schreiber - Leather handbag and footwear
Sonya Korder - Vegan leather handbags
Soyoung Choi - Handbag and footwear
Tiffany Choi - Handbags
Unyong Lee - Leather footwear
Yoon Jin Lee - Jenga block heel
Yunee Grace Lee - Handbags
Zi Xuan - Leather handbags
Display Location: Marvin Feldman Center, Lobby
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Program/Course Information
Accessories Design BFA
LD 491 Accessories Design Senior Project
Spring 2014
Semester 8
Professors: David Ulan; Shelley Parker; Claudionei Penha; Elizabeth Mole
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