Accessories Design AAS 2014 Graduating Student Exhibition

Footwear and Accessories Design

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Accessories Design AAS 2014 Graduating Student Exhibition
Contributor Names
Parker, Shelley (Thesis advisor)
Ulan, David (Thesis advisor)
Walcott-Tabb, Sandra (Thesis advisor)
Apurva Goyal - Tote and belt
Artemis Millan - Leather Box bag and belt
Blake Felty - Leather self-frame bag
Charanor Marcano - Leather clutch and belt
Christine Chon - Leather sandal and belt
Dangi Chu - Drawstring bag
Eumjeong Park - Hand-dyed leather shoulder bag, sandal, and pump
Gabriela Reyes-Leon - Clutch
Hyera Ahn - Box bag, leather box bag
Jessenia Landrum - Leather box bag and belt, and eyewear
Martha Tuber - Loafer and belt
Miso Lee - Leather clutch, belt and sandals
Rebekah Pazmino - Box bag, 2 Pumps
Rosemary Farrell - Lasercut leather satchel
Sarah Vergin - Leather and canvas tote, oxford, and belt bag
Seungwon Byun - Bag, 2 Sandals
Shirin Sharma - Leather shoulder bag, belt, sash, and pump
Siena Zuardi - Leather and silk box bag
Siripak Priyawat - Leather boot
Yvet Etty-Leon - Sandals and eyewear
Display Location: Marvin Feldman Center, 2nd Floor
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Bags (costume accessories)
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Leather, hand-dyed leather, canvas, suede, vinyl, silk
Program/Course Information
Accessories Design AAS (One-Year & Two-Year AAS)
LD 144 Handbag Design/Construction II
LD 227 Introduction to Line Building
LD 231 Boot Patternmaking/Construction
LD 242 Advanced Handbag Construction
Fall 2013/Spring 2014
Semester 2, Semester 3, Semester 4
Professors: Shelley Parker; David Ulan; Sandra Walcott-Tabb
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