Art of the Hat Exhibition

Footwear and Accessories Design

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Art of the Hat Exhibition
Contributor Names
Walcott-Tabb, Sandra (Thesis advisor)
Linville, Janet (Thesis advisor)
Navarro, Nora (Thesis advisor)
Summary/Artist's Statement
Aaron Anish
Becky Moy
Carolyn Han
Eldine Cornwall
Eunae Shim
Fernando Webb
Han Chien Wu
Jacqueline Braswell
Jai Wilbert
James McBride
Janet Ko
Jian Feng Yang
Karline Robison
Margie Tam
Michael Kenneth Wood
Minhee An
Naama Greenfield-Simpson
Naomi Pelage-Lovejpy
Nina Motivitskaya
Phuong Van Huynh
Shu Fan Lora Ho
Susan Ricardelli
Still Image
Exhibitions (events)
Felt, wool, fabric, straw, ribbon, leather, hardware, fur, grosgrain, feathers, buttons
Course/Degree Information
Millinery Certificate Program
ML 113 Blocking Techniques for Hats (Spring 2015/Professor Sandra Walcott-Tabb)
ML 115 Fabric Hat Construction (Spring 2015/Professor Janet Linville)
ML 116 Cold Weather Headgear (Spring 2016/Professor Sandra Walcott-Tabb)
ML 123 Contemporary Men's Hats (Spring 2015/Professor Janet Linville)
ML 241 Bridal & Special Occasion Headwear (Spring 2016/Professor Sandra Walcott-Tabb)
ML 243 Creative Design in Headwear (Spring 2015/Professor Janet Linville)
Spring 2015
Location: Marvin Feldman Center, Lobby
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