Chalk FIT 2021: The New Normal

Illustration (School of Art and Design)

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Chalk FIT 2021: The New Normal
Contributor Names
Low, William (Instructor)
Elmer, Richard (Instructor)
Nickle, John (Instructor)
Tabbutt, Steven (Instructor)
Chalk FIT, an annual tradition since 2013, brings together fourth-year Illustration students to create chalk murals along the college’s concrete exterior walls. The illustrators paint with a chalk suspension to allow for precise detail and shading.
Chalk FIT 2017 went up in late October and was viewable through the fall semester. The theme is “The New Normal”—a look at how students have persisted through the COVID-19 pandemic. About 80 students created panels, as well as 15–20 alumni from the class of 2021 who didn’t get to participate last year. Associate Professor William Low oversaw the project this year; faculty members Richard Elmer John Nickle, and Steven Tabbutt also included their classes in the project.
Program/Degree: General Illustration BFA
Academic semester: Fall 2021
Professor: Low, William; Elmer, Richard; Nickle, John; Tabbutt, Steven
Still Image
Mural paintings (visual works)
Public art
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