Everywhere and Together

Alexus Parker
Illustration (School of Art and Design)

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Everywhere and Together
Contributor Names
Parker, Alexus (Creator, Illustrator)
Elmer, Richard (Instructor)
I really enjoying using lines, and connecting everything together, as well as including random words. I think that fits perfectly with the way Chelsea can be, and after almost 4 years, I have grown to love Chelsea. We are "Everywhere and Together" in Chelsea.
Genre: Editorial
Still Image
Mural paintings (visual works)
Public art
Medium (Terms)
Acrylic paint
Program/Course Information
Program/Degree: General Illustration BFA
Course number: IL 491 Mentor/Specialization Projects I
Academic semester: Fall 2016
Program semester: Semester 7
Professor: Elmer, Richard
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FIT Repository ID: chalk-2016_0049
FITDIL Photographer Project ID: 20160614_1-051
FITDIL Record ID: ex_il_001288


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