Kaylie Haueisen
Fashion Design (School of Graduate Studies)

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Haueisen, Kaylie (Creator, Designer)
2023 Fashion Design MFA graduate thesis collection created by Kaylie Haueisen. Presented on September 12, 2023 at 'Uni/Versal: Design MFA Showcase.'
M.F.A. in Fashion Design, Fashion Institute of Technology, State University of New York 2023.
Department: Fashion Design
Artist's Statement
As a creative designer who is drawn to caustic and audacious subject matter, Haueisen’s work utilizes off-kilter elements, namely deconstruction of traditional patterns and garments, to distort the body in pleasing ways. She deeply enjoys reworking and upcycling existing traditional garments and accessories to create innovative shapes that compliment the body’s natural form and cause the viewer to question toxic views of femininity and masculinity that are pervasive in society.
About this Collection:
“GREEDY DIRTIE BISEXUAL” is a narrative of my confidence as a bisexual woman who believes in the power of sexual liberation. The purpose of the collection is to show the female form in the most ambiguous and bold way through genitalia-inspired drapes and reworked garments to represent that women can be both sexually aggressive and respected. Bisexuals are framed as greedy for being attracted to more than one gender and I’m here to say, ”What about it?”
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