BioBling Bio Embellishments

Brandon Rivera, Ann Galstyan, Jade Ruizsaad, Julia Nordahl and Kimberly Tatarka
Textile/Surface Design

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BioBling Bio Embellishments
Contributor Names
Rivera, Brandon (Creator, Designer)
Galstyan, Ann (Creator, Designer)
Ruizsaad, Jade (Creator, Designer)
Nordahl, Julia (Creator, Designer)
Tatarka, Kimberly (Creator, Designer)
Goetz, Susanne (Thesis advisor)
Schiros, Theanne (Thesis advisor)
Summary/Artist's Statement
Group work by 5 students: Brandon Rivera, Ann Galstyan, Jade Ruizsaad, Julia Nordahl, and Kimberly Tatarka. Sequins.
Bio-Bling's mission is to ensure a new generation of material solutions for the circular economy. Our goal is to dramatically reduce the textile industry's environmental impact in order to produce a sustainable alternative for design embellishments to ensure a future of beautiful clothing that is not destructive to the environment. Our research embellishments are dyed or mixed in non-toxic pigments and sealed with a natural solution that is water-resistant, antimicrobial, and self-replenishing. The decorative elements can be produced to react with external stimuli, such as sunlight, to change color or glow in the dark by incorporating chromatic pigmentation to encourage an interactive experience for the user by material. Bio-Bling combines a wide variety of techniques to approach different forms. The sequins and beads create options that differ in shape, density, natural luminosity, and opacity. Overall, the beads offer a viable solution as they are biodegradable and non-toxic.
This work explores the potential of sustainable yet attractive material and color embellishments that are biodegradable and aim to dramatically reduce the textile industry's environmental impact.
Still Image
Gelatin, Mica, Cellulose, other organic and nonorganic composite materials.
Medium (Terms)
Composite material
Sequins (spangles)
Course/Degree Information
Program/Degree: International Trade & Marketing
Course: SC204/TD204 Designing with Emerging Materials
Professor(s): Goetz, Susanne; Schiros, Theanne
Academic semester: Spring 2023
Program semester: Semester 8
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