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Bhayani, Dheeral (Creator, Designer)
Goetz, Susanne (Thesis advisor)
Summary/Artist's Statement
Unwind as the sun sets, stroll beneath grand trees, serenaded by melodious birdsong, while savoring mimosas. The "Ambrosia" collection merges two distinct art forms, uniting them through romantic patterns and vivid scenes. Sheer fabrics lend an exquisite touch of grace and refinement, draping luxuriously upon the wearer. Merging the opulent legacy of Mughal paintings with the contemporary allure of Toile de J ouy, each piece showcases intricate, vibrant designs that embody the essence of both worlds. This collection offers a timeless and versatile wardrobe adaptable to any occasion. Effortless elegance and enduring style harmonize within each garment, effortlessly transitioning from a chic brunch to a captivating evening soiree with a simple accessory change.
Still Image
Screen printing using 30"x30" screens
Medium (Terms)
Screen printing
Course/Degree Information
Program/Degree: Textile/Surface Design AAS
Course: TD262-101 Advance Screen Printing
Professor(s): Goetz, Susanne
Academic semester: Spring 2023
Program semester: Semester 2
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FIT Repository ID: sd_000149


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