Samantha Struzzieri
Illustration (School of Graduate Studies)

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Contributor Names
Struzzieri, Samantha (Creator, Illustrator)
Dittrich, Dennis (Thesis advisor)
Miller, Anelle (Thesis advisor)
Summary/Artist's Statement
Creating my thesis was combining the familiar with the unfamiliar. Before my graduate studies, I was primarily a painter with a fine art approach, and have always appreciated fun, beautiful patterns. Thinking about how to marry the two, expanding my skills at FIT by getting my MFA felt like the right move. I have broadened my textile knowledge, which has led me to design my own patterns. My visual thesis combines these two passions while also acknowledging the very special people in my life.
This body of work explores portraiture in both the literal and the abstract sense. Each pattern has been carefully planned to capture the essence and story of each person depicted. I have taken into account motifs, color scheme, and composition to cultivate each design. Some motifs are more literal, some are more symbolic. All imagery chosen reminds me of each person I love and their unique energies. I have also communicated with each person through this process to ensure the designs chosen resonated with them.
Using paint as my medium was an easy choice for me. Although each piece was meticulously planned digitally, I wanted them to have a more personal touch - returning to my roots. My passion for painting fuels my love for art, and painting will always hold a special place in my heart. While painting is natural to me, the tedious nature of painting a repeat pattern was not, and I felt that this combination of familiarity and challenge really elevated my work.
During this process, it was apparent how vastly unique each piece became. This variety was important to me - the individuals I chose each have a special place in my life and reflect a different type of relationship. My thesis has also given me the opportunity to explore new ways to design a pattern. I am immensely grateful for this experience and the opportunity to create a body of work that I am truly passionate about.
Still Image
Paintings (visual works)
Acrylic and Acrylic Gouache on Wood Panel
Medium (Terms)
Acrylic paint
Gouache (paint)
Panel (wood by form)
Course/Degree Information
Creation date: September 2022 - May 17, 2023
Program/Degree: Illustration MFA
Professor(s): Dittrich, Dennis; Miller, Anelle
Related Materials
Website: samstruzzart.net
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