Halston and Ultrasuede: A Perfect Fit

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Halston and Ultrasuede: A Perfect Fit
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Kaye, Michael (Curator)
The exhibition showcases student designs from the 2023 With Love Halston x FIT competition and a curated selection of Halston pieces from Fashion Design professor Michael Kaye’s private collection. It juxtaposes eight winning student garments with historical representations of original Halston designs. The exhibition also includes Ultrasuede garments from Kaye’s collection, highlighting key Halston design concepts such as the paper bag skirt and the rock ’n’ roll chore jacket.
The display features a strong presence in menswear and showcases Halston’s brilliance in various categories like luggage, fragrance, handbags, and accessories. Visual imagery accompanies the iconic items on display. Also on display are paintings by contemporary artist Sue Muskat.
The student winners:
First place: Nuo Cheng
Second place: Cher Mouradzadegun
Third place: Daniel Bochkov
Additional participating student designers:
Alexandra Riascos, Kayla Custis, Millie Ortiz, Miao Lin, and Kenisha Seth
Contest administrator and curatorial advisor:
Michael Kaye, professor of Fashion Design, and fashion designer
Dates: June 15 - July 16, 2023
Location: Pomerantz Center - Art and Design Gallery, Back Gallery
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