Millinery at the FIT.. It's All About the Hat!

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Millinery at the FIT.. It's All About the Hat!
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Mullins, Sarah (Curator)
Lynch, Ellen R. (Curator)
Linville, Janet (Curator)
Walcott, Sandra (Curator)
Millinery at FIT celebrates the art of hat-making. Since 1944, FIT has nurtured a passion for hats, with students mastering various styles, from fashionable felt hats to exquisite fur pieces. The program includes men’s hats, bridal headpieces, and weather-appropriate headwear. In the late 1970s, millinery became a part of FIT’s curriculum, led by renowned milliners. This program has boosted the hat-making industry in New York City and nationwide.
Graduates excel as entrepreneurs, designers, and creators of headwear for theater and dance. They are known for crafting exceptional hats for editorial shoots and personal use. This exhibition showcases the talent of over 40 alumni milliners, offering a glimpse into their styles and techniques. Visitors can explore the world of millinery, appreciate craftsmanship, and learn about its rich history and vibrant future.
Participating milliners: Kathy Anderson, Linda Ashton, Ellie Ayati-Jian, Jacob Caraccilo, Sally Caswell, Laura Catignani, Wanda Chambers, Rowell Concepcion, Yvonne Cortes, Jill Courtemanche, Marie D’Antoni, Laura Del Villaggio, Rosemarie Dios, Muriel Favaro, Kate Hamilton, Shu Fan Lora Ho, Amanda John, Vlada Kabatyanskaya, Anne Kohihagen, Julia Knox, Karen Lam, Jacqueline Lamont, Janet Linville, Ellen Lynch, Cassie MacGregor, Michael McCants, Lisa McKeown, Cigmond Meachen, Sarah Mullins, Eva Ochmanska, Eia Radosavljevic, Eustace Robinson, Andrea Sage, Susan Sass, Yu Tsung Brant Shih, Polly Singer, Judith Solodkin, Albertus Swanepoel, Sandra Walcott, Melinda Wax, Angie Whitford, Heather Woodfield, and Tracy Young
Millinery curatorial team: Sarah Mullins, assistant professor and assistant chair, Footwear and Accessories Design, in collaboration with Ellen R. Lynch, professor, Footwear and Accessories Design; Janet Linville, former head milliner at the Metropolitan Opera, and adjunct assistant professor, Footwear and Accessories Design; and Sandra Walcott, adjunct assistant professor, Footwear and Accessories Design
Dates: June 15 - July 16, 2023
Location: Pomerantz Center - Art and Design Gallery
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