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In Flight
Contributor Names
Behrens, Akina (Creator, Designer)
Ulan, David (Thesis advisor)
Mullins, Sarah (Thesis advisor)
Summary/Artist's Statement
My collection, In Flight, is about trying to find balance between wanting to hold onto childhood silliness and needing to embrace adulthood. Everyday I find myself wanting to be professional and sophisticated but instead joke and play around. After observing fancy pigeons and whooping cranes I found they had qualities much like how I feel inside. Each is a mix of awkward and beautiful, their elegant lines and graceful bodies contrasted with their awkward legs and mannerisms. I wanted to emulate the silly contradiction in these birds and designed my pieces as a gradual flow from humorous to subtle and sophisticated. The pieces range from bags that are fully bird, transitioning out away from the birds, and finally shoes that just capture the essence of a bird's foot. This progression to being subtle but still a bit funny is what I hope to find in my future adult life.
Still Image
Bags (costume accessories)
Fabric, Clay
Medium (Terms)
Course/Degree Information
Program/Degree: Footwear and Accessories Design BFA
Course: LD 491 Accessories Design Senior Project
Academic semester: Spring 2023
Program semester: Semester 8
Professor(s): David Ulan; Sarah Mullins
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