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Singh, Anushka (Creator, Designer)
Klimchuk, Marianne Rosner (Thesis advisor)
Summary/Artist's Statement
Aahar is about providing traditional Indian meals that are lighter, fresher and healthier in a world of heavy tikka masalas and greasy garlic naans. Our goal is to educate our consumers of the Indian ayurvedic ideology of 'food is medicine' and that each element in a traditional home cooked Indian meal balances the fat, protein, carbs, fibER, sweet, sour, salty and everything in between!
A balanced meal is far more than just it's calorie count but also what goes into it and the role each of its ingredients play. Taking inspiration from traditional home kitchens across India, all of our ingredients are preservative free and easy to store for a long period of time by providing all our ingredients in reusable jute bags and multi-use containers.
Genre: Food and Beverage
Packaging structure: Folding carton
Cartons (containers)
Special gloss and matte finishes on a white SBS
Course/Degree Information
Program/Degree: Packaging Design BFA
Course(s): PK 463 Professional Practice
Professor: Marianne Rosner Klimchuk
Date: 2022
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