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The Unwearable Collection

The Unwearable Collection

  • 2023
  • FIT DTech Lab
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The FIT Foundation, in partnership with the FIT DTech Lab, presents the evolution of The Unwearable Collection by Boehringer Ingelheim: pieces that are impossible to wear and impossible to ignore. The Unwearable Collection Exhibition—inclusive of “Uncertainty,” the fifth piece designed by FIT’s Fashion Design MFA students Natalia Robles-Oteiza and Urvi Selarka under the supervision of Dobriana Geneva, assistant professor, Fashion Design, with creative direction by Michael Ferraro, executive director, FIT DTech Lab—utilizes fashion to illustrate the debilitating pain and uncertainty that people living with generalized pustular psoriasis (GPP) endure during a flare.
The collaboration was supported by multiple interdisciplinary teams of FIT students who developed launch strategies for exhibition: Lauren Lee, Animation, Interactive Media and Game Design; Tyler Hernandez, AIMGD; Zuzanna Zmijewska, Exhibition and Experience Design MA; Jace Son; Exhibition and Experience Design MA; Margarita Kaplan, Advertising and Digital Design; Harry Xizhuo Lin, Advertising and Digital Design; Mariko Dreifuss, Advertising and Digital Design; and faculty members Dobriana Gheneva, Fashion Design; Eric Kaplan, Animation, Interactive Media and Game Design; and Joseph Staluppi, Advertising and Digital Design.
Exhibition advisement was provided by creative agency, Lorem Ipsum, a multidisciplinary exhibit design agency integrating the physical and the digital to deliver dynamic, inclusive, and connected immersive experiences: Abigail Honor, Partner and Masha Pyshkina, Head of Museum and Experience Design. The exhibition was also made possible by valued industry partners, Mirror NYC, Mood Fabrics, and Wild Posting.